Global Poverty Research Group

Workshop: Networks, Behaviour and Poverty

Oxford, December 2004

Workshop summary

In its second full year of operation, the GPRG series of workshops has continued and been extended to include invitees from outside the group. As a partner in the GPRG, the CSAE is committed to conducting research that assists policy makers in their endeavour to reduce poverty and it was with this focus in mind that the Networks and Behaviour workshop was held at CSAE in December 2004. Recent empirical findings suggest that in developing countries formal market-supporting institutions are often absent or lacking. As a result, agents rely on social networks and behavioural norms to facilitate exchange, coordination and cooperation, and thereby to enhance their wellbeing. The purpose of the workshop was to identify promising avenues for research into the complex interaction between networks, behaviour, and poverty. The workshop explored new advances in the understanding of human behaviour in social contexts by bringing together prominent researchers from several disciplines including economics, sociology, anthropology, psychology, philosophy and geography, each of whom have made significant contributions in this field.