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The value of education in low skill economies: some evidence from Kenyan and Tanzanian Manufacturing

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In this project a series of questions are being posed. How have the returns to education been changing? Have these changes resulted in changes in the shape of the earning function? How have any changes differed over age groups? What are the results telling us about education policy? In modelling the returns to education what are the key econometric issues that matter?

In depth

We have prepared an accessible, in-depth presentation of the project.

Recent publications

Kahyarara, G., M. Söderbom, F. Teal and A. Wambugu, ‘The dynamics of returns to education in Kenyan and Tanzanian manufacturing’, CSAE Working Paper WPS/2003-17, 2003.


Måns Söderbom, Francis Teal, Godius Kahyarara and Anthony Wambugu.